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Hello & Welcome to KAT’S CORNER!!! =)

Hi I’m Katrina and welcome to KAT”S CORNER. This is my first try at blogging so any comments are welcome and encouraged. =)

I am a single mom, a student (again), I work in acute care, when I have (make) time I love to write. I have found I learn more about me through my writing. At this point in my life I am re-discovering me, God and the world we live in. Life is definately a journey and we can jump on the roller coaster, strap on the seatbelt and fly through it in high gear, which is what most of my life has been. But I have found that thrill rides are great but if you don’t get off once in a while they make you dizzy and if your not careful even sick. For me that whirlwind life, although was fun at times, came at the cost of losing myself. In this season of my life, I started to realize how much time has passed and asked myself if where I’m at today was anywhere part of my long-term plan or where I had seen myself in those, where will I be in 5,10 or 20 years from now moments? Then the stark reality hit I never dreamed I would be here, because somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the never-ending piles of laundry, the running the kids to the Dr’s, the schools, the meetings, the earning the title of Jane of all Trades but master of none, and struggling to find that forever sought after illusion of “me” time I stopped dreaming. So here I am dreaming again. My very first dream I ever had was to be a writer, hence this blog. I have gotten of the roller coaster of life that brought me here and have decided to breathe. If you would like to, then join me on my journey, share your ideas, insights and humor with me. I hope to be an inspiration and perhaps a source of enrichment and even a laugh for you.  I am not sure where this will go but at least this time I am looking forward.