Monthly Archives: June 2012

Letter to my Daddy~



Happy Fathers Day Daddy
I wish that you were here
To see what we have all become
Since the days that you were near

I still think about you Daddy
& how many years have past
They say time heals all wounds
But this kind of pain just lasts

I don’t mind though, Daddy
I carry you in my heart
I tell my kids about you
& in our family your still a part

Would things have turned out different
If on that fateful night
You somehow wasn’t on the road
The night we lost our light

Those questions can’t be answered
But Daddy you’d be proud
The way mama held us together
Cause givin’ up wasn’t allowed

So even though I cannot see you
I wanted just to say
I really miss you Daddy
& Happy Fathers Day.


The Seasons of Life.

     Life comes in seasons. We need to learn to embrace each season, knowing that in time this season will end & another season will begin. Each season has a reason, a lesson to learn, a seed to sow, a harvest to reap, or a life to effect. There is a divine purpose in every season. We may not always know what that purpose is, however we can find comfort in knowing that Our Father knows & He is ultimately in control. We can rest knowing His plans for us are always good, to prosper us & do us no harm. Hence, although it should be our aim to discover the purpose in each season, we should not allow the endeavor to interfere with our joy, gratitude & zest to embrace the moment & live fully in this season. Squeezing out every drip of the sweetness from the nectar of life. Today is a gift in the season of the present & it will never come again. Look intently for divine encounters that Our Heavenly Father has hidden just for us, do not let the busyness of life distract you from the beauty of it. Live intently, embrace this season. It will add color to this moment & wisdom to the next. ~