Traits of the Proverbs 31 Woman

Traits of the Proverbs 31 Woman

 Satisfies her husband
 Frugal & Creative
 Creative Cook & Chef
 Responsible (takes caring for her family seriously)
 Planner (organized & a good steward of time)
 Wise Investor
 Hard Worker
 Generous (with time & resources)
 Provider (makes sure the needs of her family are met)
 Beautiful (her home & herself are well taken care of)
 Sharp Dresser
 Marries Well (deliberate in her relationships)
 Entrepreneur & a good business sense
 Strong, Dignified, Wise, Well Spoken & Kind
 Manages her household diligently
 Her children bless & honor her (as does her husband)
 She Fears & Reverences God
 Recognized by Nations Leaders

The traits of a Proverbs 31 woman, I thought were impossible to reach. However, I was wrong. We are multi-faceted people; these are the characteristics of the many layers of a Godly woman and these are the traits that God has placed within me. As I ponder them, I can see many of them present in me already. Others I know are within my spirit. I am both anxious & excited to know that this is the woman God created when He made me. This is the woman God sees when He looks at me. As I fall back into His loving arms, I know He is removing the dross of life & my true self will emerge. By the Grace of God, I am a Proverbs 31 Woman! 

Proverbs 31:10-31

About Kat

I'm like my Father but not, in that I mean I love to create, perhaps because I was created by THE Creator. I like to write, I love photography, I sing really loud (when no one can hear). I have found that in writing I learn a lot about myself. Often I read back over what I wrote & sometimes think to myself, did I write that? I believe sometimes in my writing, my Father talks to me (especially in my personal journal). Writing for me is an escape, a release, a discovery, & art all at the same time. I also enjoy photography, however with photography I have the privilege of capturing a feeling and saving it for later, like bottling an emotion; I can experience it again or share it with another. Photographs tell their own stories. They are provocative, endless, & silent at the same time. A picture can stir up emotions, feelings of anger, excitement, or lull you to sleep. A picture can say so much without using even one word. Drawing is yet another form of expression I enjoy, in creating I am able to discover the world and myself. Life is simply amazing and often breathtaking. It is an experience that is meant to savored.

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