Monthly Archives: February 2014

Embrace the Pain

The Bible refers to Jesus as “A man of sorrows, acquainted with grief.” (Isaiah 53:3) What does that mean? Jesus is the Son of God, He is God. Never do we read how Jesus suffered depression, yet he is “A man of sorrows.” As I sit and ponder this I wonder, should we embrace our pain? What does that even look like?
If I embrace my pain, I am no longer fighting it. Not holding back tears, denying it is there, or forcing a smile. I am feeling it, moving with it, and learning from it. I am allowing this pain to teach me. Truly, nothing in our lives will change until we learn to change ourselves. So rather than resist it, ponder regrets, or keep ourselves busy in an attempt to ignore the pain until time has its way and dulls the sting, I will embrace it. I will thank God that I am able to feel it, to experience this emotion, just as Jesus was acquainted with grief, so am I. Without ever knowing the sting of pain the joy would not be as sweet. Not everyday is a spring day with the sun shining and birds chirping, even the majestic splendor of a rainbow can only be witnessed after the rain. There are days that are overcast and gloomy, days that I would rather just stay in the safe warmth of my own bed and that’s okay. I realize I only hurt because I have allowed myself to love, to hope, to dream and to believe. It is that vulnerability that enabled me to experience the joy and pleasure that came with that choice. Albeit, now I feel the pain of hopes diminished and dreams left unfulfilled at least I had that moment of happiness. To feel those butterflies in my stomach and the hope rekindled in my heart, if only for a fleeting moment, will not be filed under regrets. Rather it will be a cherished memory that brings a smile to my face and a warm glow to my spirit, as I look back on days now spent, while learning to embrace this pain.
Although, for now those hopes are dashed and today I feel that old familiar heartache, I remind myself that this will not last forever but only for a season. Once again I’ll smile and once again I will know love. Once again my hopes will burn and dreams will warm my soul. For then, because of this pain that I embrace that future day will be so much sweeter, so much richer and on that distant day I will savor it, I will cherish it, I will embrace it. As I will understand better that these days are exceptional seasons, and the times of warm sunshine on my face will once again give way to the bitter cold. I will remember that just as the months on the calender usher in new seasons, so does the moments we are given usher in the seasons of life. Each with their unique emotions, lessons and choices. Therefore, from this day forward I choose to embrace the pain.