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He is waiting……

I sat beside you my child as you gently slept. I guarded your thoughts & dreams. I wiped away the stress of the day & watched your cares slowly melt away into the pillow. I sat all night by your side as the soft cool breeze gave way to peaceful slumber. As I watch you, my heart is overcome with the love I feel for you, infinite, unfathomable love. I would do anything for you & I have. I look forward to the morning, to our time together.

As the sun comes up it dances across the walls, your eyes slowly open & my heart jumps in jubilation. “Good morning my child! I have sat by you all night, guarding your slumber. Alas, you didn’t hear me, you stumble by me, downstairs, to get your morning coffee. Alright, first get your coffee & then we can talk about our plans for the day. I sat down at the table to wait for you. However, something else was on your mind as you finished stirring your coffee. You reached for your phone, I smile as you giggle at a Facebook posting. I love to see you laugh. You shoot off a quick email and phone a friend to confirm your lunch plans for today. I love you so much and I know how busy you get, I’m not going anywhere I’ll wait for you. Suddenly, your off the phone with a quick glance at the clock and you hurry upstairs for a shower. You have got to get to work, I understand, I’ll wait, we can talk in the car. Feverishly, you throw on your clothes, brush your teeth, run a comb through your hair and hurry down stairs. Just as your about to close the door, I whisper in your ear, “You left your phone on the table.” You stop, you must have heard me because you dash to the kitchen, grab your phone and we’re off to work. 

I’m happy we will have a few moments to talk now & I slip in to the passenger seat, but as you start the car the radio is on. It’s one of your favorite songs. I smile as I watch you dance and sing your way to work. We get to work and like any other day the place is hopping. You jump right in with your smile and genuine heart to help, and I cannot help but swell with pride as I watch you serve others with so much love in your heart. I stay right beside you all day as we tackle one crisis after another, I know your tired but no one else does. You keep smiling and working unaware that I am right beside you. I am always with you. 

On the way home from work, your exhausted, but your mom calls & you don’t want her to hear it. You smile and talk to her, you make her smile too. I am proud of you and it fills my heart with joy to watch you honor your mother. You get home and the kids are hungry, one needs help with homework, another can’t find her book and the dog is chasing the cat in circles. You take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and go to work. I smile as I watch you manage your home, children and all. They can not see how tired you are, but I do. As the day draws to a close you kiss the kids & tell them you love them. I smile cause I know you do. 

I watch as you lower your head on your pillow, you reach for your Bible, you whisper, “Lord, I am so tired.” You close your eyes and your thoughts begin to race,you think of all the stuff you need to do tomorrow &, all the things you think you should have done today. I watch your brows furrow and the sides of your mouth pull down. I see your worries, I wish you would give them to me. Sleep seems elusive, but I am here. You toss and you turn. I reach out my hand and touch your head, you slowly began to relax and drift off to sleep. I smile because I love you, we can talk tomorrow, don’t worry, I’ll wait….